Lost In College

Q: I have just started degree college and I feel so lost in a lot of ways. When I started, I was excited and thought I’d make lots of friends and have fun. But, whereas I have formed cursory friendships with everyone, I don’t have a “hang-out buddy” as such so I feel kinda lonely when people are hanging out and doing stuff together after-hours. And the academics, even though they’re more interesting than high school, are not quite what I’d expected so I get really bored in class too :( 

A: This is completely normal, as a lot of people going to attend college build up high expectations, but they don’t realize that college can get boring and the thrill can definitely wear off.

However to perk up the few years that you’re going to spend there, you are going to need a companion or two. Each person has a different personality, so it either takes time for someone to make friends (like you, perhaps?) or it takes only the first day to be known as the popular one. One of the many ways of finding a “hang-out buddy” is by getting out of your comfort zone and actually look for someone to befriend. Your college is buzzing with so many people, I’m sure one of them is bound to click with you. The only person standing in your way is you.

If the academics section isn’t really appealing to you, visit the help desk or contact your college via their email and ask them if you can switch subjects! I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to change your subjects during the first month.