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How Do I Begin A Friendship Online?

Q: I really, really like this guy, and it isn’t based off of looks. I’ve heard a lot of great things about him and I would really like to be his friend and then maybe build something more with him. But one problem, he doesn’t know me at all! I am not a creep or anything, just a few miles closer to love. I know his facebook. That’s it. I have no other way of communicating with him. So I think he’d be creeped out if I randomly added him. He doesn’t go to my school and I don’t know any of his friends and none of my friends know him. If I wanted to message him, what would I say? I just need a way to talk with him and maybe get coffee or something. But I feel like he won’t respond to my message or anything. So what is a non-creepy way of getting to know him off of facebook? Thanks!

A: There’s no problem in adding or getting a request from someone unknown online. It’s actually quite common for people to be getting random requests! You can do either two things: add him and wait for him to accept or decline your request and then, if he has accepted your request, use the chat feature on Facebook and start your conversation with a simple hello or message him the minute you send him the friend request. If you were to message him, I’d suggest you keep it short and simple. You don’t need to explain why you added him, or anything like that. Just begin with a greeting and compliment his looks or say you wanted to be spontaneous and add a random person on Facebook! I can’t guarantee you whether his response will be positive or negative, but it’s worth a try.

Is There Any Chance I Could Get Pregnant?

Q: Hi, I’m on the birth-control pill for 2 and half months now, is it safe to have unprotected sex with my partner? If he ejaculates in me, is there any chance I could get pregnant? Also, I’m spending a week on the beach with my friends, but it’s the week that I’m on my period. Can I continue to take the birth-control pill so that I won’t have my period in that week? Please answer.

A: If you have been taking the birth-control pill properly and not skipping a single day, then you don’t have to worry about being pregnant. Since birth-control pills avert the ovulation, you cannot get pregnant. Two and a half months is long enough for the pill to take effect, so you’re good to go with having unprotected sex. However, using a condom at all times is always recommended to avoid any STDs. 

If you don’t have any medical conditions, then it’s perfectly fine to continue taking the birth-control pills during your vacation to delay your period for a longer amount of time. If you forget to continue it and/or end up taking the placebo pills (that make you get your period), I’d advice you to simply wear a tampon or a menstrual cup while in the water. If you choose to go with the tampon, remember to change it the moment you step out of the water as it can end up leaking.

Excessive Body Hair

Q: I don’t know if you are a boy or girl, but I am a girl and I’m almost 18. I have dark hair on my stomach and around my nipples and my leg hair is thick and dark, so even when I shave you can see the hair under the skin and it’s the same on my bum cheeks which I have to shave. It makes me feel so down and hate my body, even though I don’t hate my body shape. I don’t know what I can do because I can’t live in this body forever, looking like I do.

A: If you are dark-haired on your head, then the hair growing all over your body will be the same color. It seems like you have hirsutism. Hirsutism is when you have the male pattern of hair growth, i.e., hair on your face, your chest (your nipples count), and your bottom. Polycystic Ovarian Disorder and obesity can cause hirsutism.

The hair under the skin is known as ingrown hairs, and those are generally caused by shaving because when you shave, you aren’t removing the hair from the root, you are simply cutting it off from the surface. This causes the same hair that was growing to curl and grow end on into the skin. To eliminate these ingrown hairs, laser treatment, waxing, or tweezing the hairs is recommended. A natural way of getting rid of it is by using a loofah or pumic stone and exfoliater to exfoliate the skin that shows the ingrown hairs. To prevent ingrown hairs, purchase a proper shaving gel and probably a four or five blade razor specially made for women.

To get rid of the normal, excessive hair that is on your nipples, stomach, and butt cheeks, I suggest you get them waxed, not shaved, so that the hair-growth will be slower and no ingrown hairs will be formed. Waxing also helps thin out the hair and slows the growth of it on your body. You will soon notice a vast difference between the hair growth on your body now and the hair growth on it later, after getting it waxed a lot.

Lost In College

Q: I have just started degree college and I feel so lost in a lot of ways. When I started, I was excited and thought I’d make lots of friends and have fun. But, whereas I have formed cursory friendships with everyone, I don’t have a “hang-out buddy” as such so I feel kinda lonely when people are hanging out and doing stuff together after-hours. And the academics, even though they’re more interesting than high school, are not quite what I’d expected so I get really bored in class too :( 

A: This is completely normal, as a lot of people going to attend college build up high expectations, but they don’t realize that college can get boring and the thrill can definitely wear off.

However to perk up the few years that you’re going to spend there, you are going to need a companion or two. Each person has a different personality, so it either takes time for someone to make friends (like you, perhaps?) or it takes only the first day to be known as the popular one. One of the many ways of finding a “hang-out buddy” is by getting out of your comfort zone and actually look for someone to befriend. Your college is buzzing with so many people, I’m sure one of them is bound to click with you. The only person standing in your way is you.

If the academics section isn’t really appealing to you, visit the help desk or contact your college via their email and ask them if you can switch subjects! I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to change your subjects during the first month.

Anal Sex Followed By Vaginal Sex?

Q: Hi I’m 16. Is it ok to have vaginal sex after anal? I mean can fecal matter be transmitted from a man’s penis into a vagina this way.. or should i avoid this at all costs? What would you recommend?

A: It is not advised to immediately have vaginal sex after anal sex if you don’t use a condom/change the previous condom/clean up. It isn’t necessary that the faeces itself would be carried on into the vagina, but the germs from there definitely would. This can easily cause a yeast infection/urinary tract infection in your vagina. Even if you and your partner are extremely careful, anal sex right after vaginal sex is not suggested. Please make sure that you use a different condom at all times before having anal sex, as it is always safer and more hygienic.

Does Eating KFC Make Your Boobs Bigger?

Q: Hi, I’m 15 and just wondering, does eating KFC make your boobs bigger? I’ve heard that the hormones that they put into the chicken can increase breast size. Is this true? Should I eat more KFC if I want bigger boobs?

A: I have no insight about how KFC handle their chicken before slaughtering it, but most chickens brought up for slaughter generally are vaccinated with a certain ‘growth hormone’. Although, the larger part of the chicken population are not injected with the growth hormone anymore as the European Union had banned it. In the end, deep fried chicken (the ones you get in McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, and any other fast food restaurants) mostly makes you gain weight overall, and not particularly your breasts. At the moment there are a lot of mixed answers on whether or not KFC injects growth hormones into their chicken, so I can’t tell you whether or not you should eat more KFC to gain bigger breasts in particular. However, incorporating foods that are well supplied with an estrogen source and exercising (specially push-ups) will help increase the size of your breasts.

How Does ‘Ask Anonymous 2012’ Work?

Q. I think it’s important for people who ask on this site to know just kind of how it works, when you submit a form do you know who has submitted it and then just make it anonymous? Or is it anonymous as to who submits the form/question? Who is behind the ask anonymous team, e.g ages and experience? I am genuinely interested and think this is a wonderful page that has been set up, so thank you.

A. Ask Anonymous 2012 is going to have an ‘FAQ’ section put up soon to answer questions like these, but I’ll answer your query for now:
When submitting a question, your identity stays hidden. The only way anyone will ever know who you are is when and if you provide your information in your question. There is only one person running Ask Anonymous 2012, at the moment. I don’t wish to disclose my age, but I can say that I’m an adult. I can’t say that I’m extremely experienced in every topic, but then again I’m not inexperienced, either. 

Scared To Be Pregnant

Q: Two weeks ago I went to Germany for a 3 week exchange programme, I had many friends there and on my last night this guy was walking me home and he started to kiss me, I kissed him back, then he started grabbing my ass and I told him to stop and he did. We continued walking and then stopped again and kissed me. We did this 2 times and he always stopped when I told him until he didn’t, and he started grabbing me and touching me and even though I told him to stop, he continued. I tried to pull away but after he grabbed me I got scared and just let him do it. I couldn’t move. He started to finger me but it hurt so I pushed him, but when I did I saw his penis and I freaked out. He grabbed my waist and told me we would go to meet our other friends and we did. I told everyone nothing had happened and I am so scared, I am a virgin. Or at least was. I am scared to be pregnant.  I am 17 and maybe this is stupid to be scared about this, but they say that if they penetrate you, you would know. But I am just really scared. I am back to my hometown and I haven’t told anybody. I know I should know more about sex and I must seem really stupid but I’m scared…

A: You cannot get pregnant by getting fingered, nor can you lose your virginity by it. It isn’t clear in your question whether or not this man eventually had sex with you. If you weren’t on the pill/he didn’t have a condom on and he inserted his penis into your vagina and ejaculated (came) inside, then you are most likely pregnant. Another way you could get pregnant is if he ejaculated near your vagina. If his penis was nowhere near your vagina, then I can assure you that you are not pregnant. 

I Like My Best Friend

Q: I’m 17 and I really (really) like one of my best friends, who has a boyfriend, and I’m a girl. I’ve liked her for so long now but I don’t want to loose her friendship. What can I do?

A: Situations like these are very, very tricky since you may or may not lose the person, and that too both ways: as a best friend and as someone you liked. However I suggest you let your best friend know how you feel about her (if you know that she won’t feel uncomfortable), but tell her that nothing is ever going to change between the two of you. Assuring her that you will still be her friend no matter what will make her more relaxed and be completely honest with you. The reason why I’m telling you to tell her how you feel is because you might never know how she could be feeling. Yes, she has a boyfriend, but you don’t know if she ever had feelings for you in the past or not.

Nevertheless, if it turns out to be the complete opposite, i.e., she never liked you romantically, then there’s nothing else you can do but accept the truth and be the best friend you promised you’d be or else you’re going to lose her, which is something you do not want.